Color Picker snapshots

Due to some limitations with GAE, it is not possible to display the ColorPicker component "in action" (the Java class java.awt.Color is forbidden by GAE).
If you really want to see it "in action", you can deploy this demo application on Jetty or Tomcat, and so, you'll get access to the full demo page.
(please have a look at About page for deployment informations).

The GAE version of this demo is realised with some snapshots.
The component displays a color picker :

When user click on the ColorPicker icon, the component displays a popup to let user make his choice.

Once choice done, user valid his selection by clicking "Close" button.
The input field his updated :

After form submit :

The input field is bound to a value into the page.
A coercer have been implemented between String and java.awt.Color.
It has to be enclosed inside a form.

TML Snapshot code

Java code

    private Color color;