Dialog demo

This page displays a dialog component with rich content.
The targetHtmlId parameter must be set to target the HTML element displayed into the Dialog.

Notice the beforeDialogValidation Javascript handler used to validate the form before submit.

In Action

User name:

TML Source code

			<t:submit t:id="submit1" t:mixins="exanpe/dialog" t:targetHtmlId="userInfos" />
			<br />
			<span>User name: ${username}</span>
			<br />
			<div id="userInfos">
				<t:label for="username">
					<span>Please type in your user name :</span>
				<t:textfield t:id="username" value="username"></t:textfield>
		<script type="text/javascript">
				// before validation
				submit1.beforeDialogValidation = function(){
					var error = "";
					if (YAHOO.util.Dom.get("username").value == "") { 
						error = "Your user name is required!";
					return error;
			// -->