Google Map demo

This page displays a Google Map with Polyline.
gmapPolyPoint component is used to add a point for drawing a polyline.

Note the following specific parameters of the component gmap: polyStrokeColor, polyStrokeWeight, and polyStrokeOpacity.
  • polyStrokeColor is used to specify the hexadecimal HTML color of the lines
  • polyStrokeWeight is used to specify the weight of the lines in pixels
  • polyStrokeOpacity is used to specify the opacity of the lines

In Action

TML Source code

        <ex:gmap t:id="map1" latitude="48.8577" longitude="2.295" 
                 mapType="hybrid" draggable="false" zoom="13"
                 polyStrokeColor="#ff0000" polyStrokeWeight="5" polyStrokeOpacity="0.8">
            <ex:gmapPolyPoint latitude="48.871123" longitude="2.316306" />
            <ex:gmapPolyPoint latitude="48.867781" longitude="2.313982" />
    	    <ex:gmapPolyPoint latitude="48.870812" longitude="2.303081" />
    	    <ex:gmapPolyPoint latitude="48.8577" longitude="2.295" />