Google Map demo

In order to access the special features of Google Maps API for Business, you must provide a valid client ID.
For that, you have to contribute ApplicationDefaults and override Exanpe symbol: GMAP_V3_BUSINESS_CLIENT_ID
Notice also the secure parameter that allow to access API in HTTPS.
More information on configuring Tapestry symbols here :

In Action

TML Source code

        <ex:gmap t:id="map1" latitude="48.869722" longitude="2.3075" secure="true" />

Java code : 
    public static void contributeApplicationDefaults(MappedConfiguration<String, String> configuration)
        // Google Maps API for Business configuration
        configuration.add(ExanpeSymbols.GMAP_V3_BUSINESS_CLIENT_ID, "gme-your-client-id");