Rich Text Editor demo

This page displays a Rich Text Editor with default labels overridden.
The messages parameter is used to override the default messages catalog.

In this example, the alt text of bold, italic, and underline buttons are translated in french.

Available label keys are:
bold, italic, underline, justifyleft, justifycenter, justifyright, createlink, undo, redo, insertunorderedlist, insertorderedlist, heading, none, h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, forecolor, backcolor.

In Action

Submitted text :

TML Source code

            <t:textarea t:id="rte" value="rte" t:mixins="exanpe/RichTextEditor" t:title="literal:Rich Text Editor" t:messages="messages">
            <br />
            <p>Submitted text :</p>
            <t:outputraw value="rte" />

Java code

        private String rte;
        private Messages messages;        

These keys are defined in the property file of the current page: :