Select Loader demo

This page displays the SelectLoader mixin, chaining 3 selects.
Have a look to the event redefinition, cleaning the third select on first one choice.

In Action
Submitted country :
Submitted city :
Submitted type :

TML Source code

			<t:select t:mixins="exanpe/selectLoader" t:targetId="city" t:id="country" 
					  model="countryModel" value="countryValue" encoder="countryEncoder"/>
			<script type="text/javascript">
				country.afterUpdateSuccess = function(){
					YAHOO.util.Dom.get("type").options.length = 0;
			<t:select t:mixins="exanpe/selectLoader" t:targetId="type" t:id="city" 
					  model="cityModel" value="cityValue" encoder="cityEncoder" />
			<t:select t:id="type" model="typeModel" value="typeValue" blankOption="never"/>
		Submitted country : ${countryValue?.id}<br/>
		Submitted city : ${cityValue?.id}<br/>
		Submitted type : ${typeValue}<br/>

Java code

    	@OnEvent(value = ExanpeEventConstants.SELECTLOADER_EVENT, component = "country")
    	public SelectModel populateSelect(String value)
    	@OnEvent(value = ExanpeEventConstants.SELECTLOADER_EVENT, component = "city")
    	public SelectModel populateSelectType(String value)