TabView demo

This page displays a Tab View controlled server side.
The default one is specified on server (second tab), and a click on the link Activate Third set the third tab active.

In Action

    Activate third

    TML Source code
    		<ex:tabview t:id="tabv" defaultActiveTabId="prop:defaultTab">
    			<ex:tab t:id="tab1" t:title="literal:Tab 1">
    				This is my tab 1 <br/>1<br/>1<br/><br/><br/>
    				content 1
    			<ex:tab t:id="tab2" t:title="literal:Tab 2">
    				This is my tab 2 <br/>2<br/>2<br/><br/><br/>
    				content 2
    			<ex:tab t:id="tab3" t:title="literal:Tab 3">
    				This is my tab 3 <br/>3<br/>3<br/><br/><br/>
    				content 3
    		<t:actionlink t:id="setThird">Activate third</t:actionlink>

    Java code
        @Component(id = "tabv")
        private TabView tabView;
        private String defaultTab = "tab2";
        public void onActionFromSetThird()